Transform Your Loft with Brighton Loft Company

More and more people are looking into loft conversions to help transform their homes and extend their space, adding value to their home and making use of an unused area of their home. With rising house prices, it can be the ideal way to create an additional space such as a study or additional bedroom.

If you’re researching hip to gable loft conversion in Brighton and want to find the perfect company to help make your vision a reality, the Brighton Loft Company are one of the leading loft conversion specialists in the area.

We always make our clients a priority, so we never take on more than three jobs at once, so we can be up to date on your loft conversion and hold regular progress meetings with you on where we are with the project.

We believe in being honest and upfront about pricing and if you would like to enquire about a quote, we will provide a free, no obligation site survey to understand the scope of the project and give you an accurate price. We’ll send you a fixed price quote that is separated into stages of the conversion, so you only ever pay for completed work.

What Is a Hip to Gable Loft Conversion?

Hip to gable loft conversions are an ideal solution to hipped roofs which have a sloping side as well as sloping front and back. These can often make loft space limited and squashed, making it difficult to create a viable living space.

A hip to gable loft conversion solves this issue by replacing the sloping side with a vertical wall, extending the roof and making more space to convert your loft space into a spacious room that can be used as an office, bedroom, playroom, studio or whatever you envision!

It is suitable for homes that are detached, semi-detached or bungalows, generally they are not really viable for terraced houses, especially mid terrace, but can occasionally work on end terrace houses.

What Are The Different Types of Hip to Gable Loft Conversions?

With a hip to gable loft conversion, you can either transform one side, or both sides to extend the loft space. Generally if you have a detached house, it’s generally advised to convert both sides of the roof to create a large space and create a uniform look for your home.

A hip to gable conversion can also be combined with a dormer loft conversion to maximise the very most of the space, even creating multiple rooms. We’re happy to advise and show you ideas and past work to see what we can achieve.

Do I Need Planning Permission for a Hip to Gable Loft Conversion in Brighton?

Generally, you shouldn’t need planning permission for a hip to gable conversion, as most fall within permitted development rules. At Brighton Loft Company, we are happy to lead the process for any planning approval and will take care of going through the necessary building regulations.

Our experts will be able to inspect the space to make sure it meets building regulation standards to confirm the space is suitable for habitation and that things such as insulation, fire safety, electricity, headroom and access is all up to par.

If you would like to find out more about hip to gable loft conversions and would like to see how we could transform your loft space, give us a call and arrange your free site survey to see how you can expand your home and add value to your property.