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If you are researching dormer loft conversions and want to find the perfect loft conversion company in Brighton to bring your vision to life, The Brighton Loft Co. is the perfect choice. We always ensure that our clients are our priority, which is why we never take on more than three jobs at one time and ensure we have regular progress meetings to keep you updated on where we are on your project.

We are honest and upfront on pricing and if you would like a quote, we provide a free, no obligation site survey to understand the scope of the project and then we will send you a fixed price quote broken down into stages of your loft conversion – meaning you will never pay for work that hasn’t been completed.

Loft Conversion Brighton

What Are Dormer Loft Conversions?

Dormer loft conversions in Brighton are becoming increasingly common because they provide the best option for making the most of space and providing a functional space. Essentially, this type of loft conversion helps to extend and create more space horizontally and vertically.

Instead of working with the slanted walls of a traditional roof, vertically straight walls are added to a pitched roof instead – helping to open up the space and make a much larger space. They often don’t need planning permission either, which makes the building process much quicker and easier.

What Are The Different Types of Dormer Loft Conversions?

There are a range of different styles of dormer roof that can be selected, this might depend on the type of the roof or the overall design you are looking for.

A flat-roof dormer is quite self-explanatory but consists of a flat roof that sits horizontally, this usually creates the most space.

A shed dormer on the other hand features a flat roof that slopes down, this provides you with extended head space but creates a look which fits in with the loft design and overall look of your home.

The hilariously named dog-house dormer doesn’t sound all that appealing but is actually called this because it has two pitched sides like your classic doghouse. This continues to give you the pitched roof look of a loft conversion but extends the space. There is also the hipped roof dormer which has three sides instead if two.

An L-shaped dormer loft conversion is also relatively self-explanatory but is a dormer with two parts that form an L shape.

Depending on the room and design of your home, you might also look at the option of a side dormer which can be a good alternative to a hip to gable loft conversion if this is denied planning permission.

What Do I Need To Know About Dormer Loft Conversions?

In the majority of cases, you shouldn’t need planning permission for a dormer loft conversion in Brighton, but we will work with you to determine if this will be the case and if you will need planning permission, we are more than happy to lead the process for approval.

We’ll also take care of and take you through the necessary building regulations, our experts will ensure they meet these standards to prove the space is suitable for habitation. Aspects that need to be kept in mind include insulation, fire safety, providing electricity to the area, adequate headroom and of course the stair design that leads to your new room!

If you’re looking into Dormer loft conversions in Brighton, we are happy to answer any questions you have and provide a site survey free of charge to determine the suitability of your loft space. In most cases, if your home has a pitched roof and loft space then a dormer should be possible. Call us now to make the first step to transforming your home.