10 Reasons to Choose The Brighton Loft Company

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A personal touch

You will have the undivided attention of our team. It’s a popular trope that builders start a job, but then slowly drift off leaving your project unfinished. We never take on more than we can handle; three teams, three projects. So, your team will be dedicated to your job from start to finish.

The best quality

Quality materials installed by professionals. A loft conversion is a bit like a cake recipe – if the quality of your ingredients isn’t top notch then your cake won’t be either. That’s why you won’t find us installing MDF skirting and architrave or installing cheap doors with B&Q hardware.

We take the time

Your project is likely to take 6, 8 or 10 weeks depending on its scale. We don’t hang around, but neither are our team under pressure to blitz through your project and get on to the next. You can’t rush when you’re working on something as important as someone’s home.

Your own dedicated team

Here at the Brighton Loft company, we’ve known each other for years. Over that time, you form a bond and level of competency that ensures the smooth running of a project. Beware of companies which have “recruiting now” permanently on their vehicles! This suggests a very high staff turnover.

No unexpected fees

Our quotes are comprehensive. Some companies will give you a price for the job which looks good, but does it really tell you what’s included? With our quotes, you can see item by item exactly what you are paying for.

We listen

We take the time to listen to what you need from the space and get it just right. Some companies’ business models are to offer you loft A or loft B, leaving you with a conversion that looks like it has been bolted on as an afterthought. We don’t do that, from our initial chat, all the way through to the planning process and our time on the site, we always take the time to deliver the desired finish you’re looking for.

An end-to-end service

Every element under one roof. We will take care of every aspect of your project from planning to completion. Your site manager will liaise with roofers, window fitters, lead workers, plumbers, electricians, and decorators so that all you have to do is choose the décor.

Fixed prices

We sign a contract with a fixed price. Once a price for your job has been agreed, that’s it! We sign a contract with you guaranteeing the cost of the job. This won’t change unless you change your mind and add some elements, or in the unfortunate event that we find some issues that need taking care of.

Less waste

Less waste. ALL of the waste that’s collected from our sites is sorted for recycling. So wherever possible, we avoid using landfill.

Complimentary roof survey

A full, free roof survey is undertaken with every job. The aim of this is to identify any underlying problems with your roof, chimney, or firewalls, which may need addressing. We’ll give you a full breakdown of anything that needs attention.


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